Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book Review: Almost There, Searching for Home in a Life on the Move

Almost There, Searching for Home in a Life on the Move
Bekah DiFelice

My Opinion
This book had the potential to being a really good read. This book is more of a biographical novel - I wasn't expecting that. The writing perspective has a "diary"feel; and is written choppy and doesn't follow traditional writing conventions. Ms. DiFelice uses this book as a format to share her experiences in life.

From the Editor
Sometimes God leads people out of familiar territory so he can tell them who they are. That moment you depart, you experience reinvention, renewal, and freedom. You get a redo on the adjectives associated with your name.

Almost There is for those on the move and those who feel restless right where they are. It’s for those who struggle with not belonging, with feeling unsettled, with believing that home is out of their reach, at least for the moment. And Almost There is for those who find themselves in a transient lifestyle they didn’t expect―say, moving across the country for a new job or the military or an opportunity to begin again.

With imaginative storytelling and witty, relatable prose, Bekah DiFelice offers wisdom for those struggling to belong in a world where home is constantly shifting. When our hope of home is rooted in an unchangeable God, we are not uprooted, lost, or made homeless by change. We become found ones on the move.

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