Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book Review: The Weekly Prayer Project

The Weekly Prayer Project: A Challenge to Journal, Pray, Reflect and Connect with God.  - Zondervan Publishing

This journal is a great guide to promote a prayerful relationship with God. The theme and format create a fun environment to read, reflect, journal and plan. 

There are 52 weeks that cover the following topics:

This weekly journal activity is very engaging. One can learn a great deal by using this reflection guide. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Book Review: Can I Just Hide in Bed Until Jesus Comes Back?

Can I Just Hide in Bed 'Til Jesus Comes Back?
Martha Bolton & Christin Ditchfield

My Thoughts:
This reviewer finds this book an interesting read. One is able to possibly see themselves in the examples the authors expressed. The authors use of relevant examples also leaves one to ponder the realism of fear and how it can control ones life. The authors have a crafty way to intertwine scriptures in this book. This reviewer also found this book to have situations that would make one laugh. This was a good page turner, and that made the book a fast read.

From the Editor:
Depression, fear, a sense of unworthiness, and unfulfilled dreams can make women retreat to their beds--figuratively and literally--and refuse to face life. Yet most of the time, hiding in bed makes matters worse. Who needs emotional bedsores? Authors ...

Book Review: Almost There, Searching for Home in a Life on the Move

Almost There, Searching for Home in a Life on the Move
Bekah DiFelice

My Opinion
This book had the potential to being a really good read. This book is more of a biographical novel - I wasn't expecting that. The writing perspective has a "diary"feel; and is written choppy and doesn't follow traditional writing conventions. Ms. DiFelice uses this book as a format to share her experiences in life.

From the Editor
Sometimes God leads people out of familiar territory so he can tell them who they are. That moment you depart, you experience reinvention, renewal, and freedom. You get a redo on the adjectives associated with your name.

Almost There is for those on the move and those who feel restless right where they are. It’s for those who struggle with not belonging, with feeling unsettled, with believing that home is out of their reach, at least for the moment. And Almost There is for those who find themselves in a transient lifestyle they didn’t expect―say, moving across the country for a new job or the military or an opportunity to begin again.

With imaginative storytelling and witty, relatable prose, Bekah DiFelice offers wisdom for those struggling to belong in a world where home is constantly shifting. When our hope of home is rooted in an unchangeable God, we are not uprooted, lost, or made homeless by change. We become found ones on the move.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Book Review: 8 Minutes or Less...Writing Faithful Sermons Faster

8 Minutes or Less...Writing Faithful Sermons Faster 

8 Hours or Less: Writing faithful sermons faster by [Huguley, Ryan]

Ryan Huguley does a phenomenal job in giving pastors, teachers and lay leaders strategies to write a gospel driven sermon when under a time crunch! 

This book allows pastors to effectively spread the work load of sermon creation throughout the week prior to presenting. There is a chapter called "Working the Process". There is also an appendix with summary, notes and a tool box to help pastors and lay people use this system. A must for a resource library!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Book Review: Put the Disciple into Discipline, Parenting with Love and Limits

Put the Disciple into Discipline, Parenting with Love and Limits by MacPherson and Schuknecht

My Thoughts:
Immediately I was intrigued by the title of this book, it was different and covered a much needed topic for me as a parent, foster parent and school leader. Parenting with LOVE and LIMITS - almost ironic in my house. Lol! The authors give the reader (parents) a blueprint for developing their "new" parenting style - by looking at behaviors/situations with a lens to demonstrate God's love. Parents  should teach their children to have a desire to please God with their actions - in turn pleasing parents and themselves. 

Besides tackling the small issues at home, this book looks at large mainstream issues like, friendship, bullying, empathy, kindness, understanding and social situations. This book contains 16 chapters, falling back to the theme of "Serving God at All Times" in parenting with Love and Limits. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Book Review: Dawn of Christianity

Dawn of Christianity by Robert Hutchinson

My Opinion:
This book spans the life of Christ through his birth, ministry, influence and cultural movement in the modern times. It is patterned after a historical documentary and with a narrative flare. There are detailed pictures as well as, timelines with corresponding scripture. The appendix contains a description of events and persons.
Overall, this book gives an accurate narrative history of Christ's ministry and would be a good study tool or reference.

From the Editor:
Using the most recent studies by top Christian and secular scholars, Robert Hutchinson, known for his popular books on Christianity and Biblical Studies, reconstructs all of the known accounts of these early resurrection appearances and follows the witnesses to the resurrection as they experience brutal persecution at the hands of zealots such as Saul of Tarsus and then become committed evangelists to the major population centers in Antioch, Damascus, Rome, and Athens—and ultimately across the world. A riveting thriller of the most improbable history-changing movement imaginable, The Dawn of Christianity brings to life the compelling story of the birth of Christianity.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for my opinion.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Book Review: Devotional Coloring Books

This review covers three devotional coloring books:

Joyful Inspiration by Robin Mead
This book is just that "Inspirational"! Each page contains a scenic depiction of a landscape, animal or interaction followed by a relevant scripture.

A Giving Heart by Stephanie Corfee
This book reminds us with pictures ready to be colored about the joy, love and sacrifice that mothers make each day. There are 46 pages and illustrated scripture.


The Parables of Jesus by Laura James and Katara Patton
This coloring book contains 46 illustrations based on Jesus' teachings with a devotional and scripture reflection. This would be great for a daily study/quote time.